Tuesday, 28 April 2015

60th birthday

This year seems to be a vintage year! I have made a few cards with '60' on them. 

Starting with my mums birthday card signalling in the new year since then sixty really has become the new forty!

The theme has continued and here are some of the highlights! I particularly loved creating a very special card for a 60th wedding anniversary. 
I will share a little more about this card in another post because it is a frame card. I made a special box to put it in too.

My last card was a male card, sometimes  I think they are a little harder to do. I did a quick survey ( asked my hubby! ) but he said basically men are not that bothered about a card, or the theme! Straight from the horses mouth. I wonder what he would say if he didn't get one??!

 Just a little P.S it was my husband birthday and here's the card I made. Must remember this colour combination in future. 

 Hope you like it too and it inspires a little crafting. That's all from me I'm currently decorating and must pick the paint brush back up.

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