Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Creative block ....

Hello everyone, I hope you have had a lovely Saturday. I have mostly spent mine shopping and having a nice lunch with my Husband and Son.

I have been so lucky last week to have been asked to make a few cards for friends and a special commission for a retirement card. I did however find my self with a strange case of creative 'block'

It also happened this week that I also had my step son Ellis' thirteenth birthday card to make. Such a big milestone needed a special card but I found my self distracted by just one card that seemed to take up far too much brain space.

I wanted to tell you about inspiration and making the design you have in your head translate to a card. My commission was for a retirement card that needed to be pink, have balloons and plenty of bling. Excellent! I thought I had just purchased the 'Celebrate Today' balloon stamp set and some beautiful strawberry slush cardstock what could go wrong? 

Well, nothing did go 'wrong' I just could not get my head around what elements to add and what to leave out. In the end I had to leave the card overnight on a few occasions and just let those creative ideas circle around. What do you do when you have a creative 'block'? 

I often look on Pinterest for inspiration. Sometimes this can lead to hours of lost time spent searching through different ideas. I do love Pinterest and the fact you can collate inspiration. The only downside is I can often end up with too many ideas and don't know where to start. You can find the link to my Pinterest in the top right hand corner, please feel free to follow me.( and get absorbed in the Pinterest bubble for a while)

Then to make matters worse after completing it and being pleased with my crafting endeavours I forgot to take a photo before I delivered it! Doh! Although I did recreate it for a 30th birthday card and it looked similar to this ( I can tell you the second one was much quicker to make!) 

Here's a few of the other cards I made. 

They are not 'exclusively' made from Stampin Up! products but I thought I would share any way. I have got used to the quality of Stampin Up! Products and what they can produce. It is a novelty using different cardstock. I hope you like the concept and the colours. X

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